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Patient Care - Ceiling Lift Systems

Professional article: From outpatient clinic to emergency care to discharge

Patient handling as an important component of patient care 

Patient handling applications are becoming increasingly important. Reducing the workload of hospital staff is just one aspect that needs attention. Daily tasks can be supplemented and thus simplified by automated applications. Automated solutions relieve the hospital staff and support an economic utilization of the hospital.

One of these automated applications is ceiling lift systems that handle any patient lifting tasks. In addition to permanently installed ceiling lift systems, there are mobile systems. These portable solutions can be flexibly deployed via a rail system, allowing them to be used in a variety of spaces. The flexibility makes portable overhead lifts economical solutions for temporary patient care.

  ceiling lift systems that handle any patient lifting tasks.

The lifting movements are performed by electric motors. Ceiling lift systems with one lift motor lift loads up to 250 kg. Systems with two hoist motors even achieve a lifting load of up to 500 kg. An additional brake ensures a safe position and thus prevents the lifted patient from slipping. The speed is controlled with a speed limiter. Manual and electronic emergency lowering are also part of such systems. Thus, any safety requirements are met.

Dunkermotoren is used for the automation of ceiling lift systems. Here, Dunkermotoren offers its customers the choice between a more cost-effective variant in the form of a brushed DC motor (GR Motor) or a very durable and smart variant in the form of the brushless DC motor (BG Motor).

GR Motor BG Motor Dunkermotoren

Dunkermotoren's drive solutions are low-noise, reliable, maintenance-free and therefore ideally suited for use in near-patient applications.

They are ideally suited for battery-powered solutions, as the motors offer high power density and cover a wide voltage range.

The brushless BG motor offers further advantages: Thanks to integrated electronics, the required installation space is small, additional components can often be saved, and the amount of cabling is reduced. Communication interfaces (e.g. CANopen, PROFINET, EtherCAT or Ethernet IP) enable the motors to be controlled and data exchanged in real time. This makes the motors ideally suited for networked applications (IoMT).

By embedding the two motor types in Dunkermotoren's modular system, countless drive variants are possible. Whether GR or BG motor - both can be combined as desired with planetary or angular gearboxes and supplemented with brakes, encoders or external electronics. When it comes to flexible, reliable, low-noise and maintenance-free drive solutions in the medical sector, Dunkermotoren is a partner that automates in many medical technology areas. For example, the drive technology manufacturer from the Black Forest also offers solutions in the fields of medical imaging, diagnostics, medical equipment and orthopedagogy.