Product Information
FAULHABER Product catalog

In addition to the drive components, FAULHABER offers a wide range of accessories.

FAULHABER brakes work as an electromagnetically released system. FAULHABER brakes are based on permanent magnets with a single face surface coupling.

From extension cables, adapter boards, to USB programming adapters, FAULHABER provides a wide variety of accessories to complement its portfolio of drive electronics, encoders and motors.

Series 6501.00065
Adapter board
Series 6501.00088
Programming Board
Series 6501.00096
USB Programming Board
Series 6501.00097
USB Programming Board
Series 6501.00113
Adapter board BX4 CxD
Series 6501.00121
Adapter board MCxx 3002
Series 6501.00135
Adapter board BX4 CSD
Series 6501.00136
Adapter board MCxx 3002
Series 6501.00159
Adapter board
Series 6501.00283
Series 6501.00284
Adapter board MCS, USB
NEW Series 6501.00368
Battery adapter for multi-turn encoder AEMT
Series EFS 3004/5004 S
Electronic filters
Series EFM 5001/5003/5008 S
Electronic filters
Series BC 5004
Braking chopper
Series EFC 5008 S
Electronic filters
Series Cables and Accessories
Brakes Series MBZ
Electromagnetically Released System
Nominal voltage
12 ~ 24 V
0.25 ~ 0.5 A
Static torque rating
400 mNm