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High precision PiezoMotors

The demand for higher accuracy in manufacturing is driving the development of precision machinery and measuring tools. Analytical instruments and manipulators in the medical sector are advancing and getting more exact. The semiconductor industry is continuously working with higher precision instruments to scale down devices on the silicon wafer. Wherever there’s a demand for the highest precision, there’s usually a need for a Piezo LEGS® motor.

Whenever you want micrometer, nanometer, or even sub-nanometer precision and the conventional electrical motor is just not good enough, we have the solution. Our motors are precise down to the nanometer range, have instant response time and do not suffer from backlash problems. Direct drive eliminates the need for gears or lead screws to achieve high-precision movement. Small size and high-force output are further advantages.

Our patented Piezo LEGS® technology has been proven to give customers new possibilities.