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Brushless DC-Servomotor with integrated Motion Controller

The 3564…B Cx series stands out first and foremost due to its extremely constant speed control coupled with very smoothrunning operation.

These features make the servo-drive with compact integrated Motion Controller ideal for use in vibration-sensitive applications, e.g. in optics, in welding and balancing machines used in special machinery construction as well as in measuring or weighing systems. Integrated current control limits the torque of the drive if necessary, reliably protecting the drive against overload.

The interface (RS232 or CANopen) allows simple connection to networks. The integration of motor and control electronics in a single unit minimises both space and wiring requirements, thereby simplifying installation and commissioning. The control electronics are already perfectly matched to the motor when the unit leaves the factory. Programming is simple and convenient using the Motion Manager.

FAULHABER B Cx Brushless DC-Servomotor with integrated Motion Controller